10 Days of Guest Posts: Day 6


Quote #5


“Life isn’t written, life is lived.”
Josef Čapek

A simple sentence which said the famous author from my country. Someone feels it only subconsciously, for others it is a natural and immutable way to be here. However, there are still people whose journey doesn’t lead in that direction. And I was also one of those cases full of perfect, unusual and important plans. But the more I wanted to follow them, the more I wandered in the maze of blind alleys. Turns seemed to me absurd, irrational, but I was still holding the invisible red thread. Sometimes was possible to see darts recommending the best way, but my stubbornness always had good excuses. “You don’t know what is there. You rather follow their ideas. That is more safe.” And yes, insecurity supported the impression that the next step could be fatal. Eventually was proved that it was the ubiquitous culprit…

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Víkendové toulky Táborem


Tábor, Žiškovo náměstí

Proč jezdit někam daleko za poznáním a odpočinkem, když to vše máme v našem krásném Táboře. Stačí si jen udělat trochu času a jen tak se procházet uličkami starého města s jeho genius loci, na tom malém prostoru je toho k vidění skutečně dost a dost…víkendové toulky jsou k tomu jako stvořené 🙂